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When applying please use a Cream or Plain Background
Look straight at the camera and light up the face well.
Gap Talent Models Transp.png
Working Together
Girl in Sari Smiling
Senior Man
Film Production
Cute Girl
Smiling Young Man
Show host filming a cooking show with a chef
Happy woman
Young Woman with Curly Hair
Senior Woman
Image by Jake Nackos
EXTRAS (Background Artist) 
Applications Page

When considering new applicants we go beyond just good looks.

In order to become successful working in Fashion, Film, TV or Musical Theatre you need to have the right attitude, mindset and radiate the right personality. Plus you must be agile in replying to our team's requests and strict guidelines,

especially when submitting a time-sensitive showreel or self-tape or going for an audition.

This is a tough and highly competitive industry, therefore only the most committed, dedicated and focused models and talent, tend to succeed during any selection process.

If you are seriously considering sending in your application or your child's then please, WATCH the guideline videos FIRST.

Afterwards, kindly fill in the form and attach your artwork and a link to HD images. 

Thank you.

All Videos

All Videos

Extra's Applications Form

Upload Jpeg File
Upload Jpeg File
Upload Jpeg File
Thanks for submitting.
If your application is successful then we will contact you.
Wishing you the best of luck!
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